Book coverA student’s guide to Preparing Financial Statements

“A student’s guide to Preparing Financial Statements” by Sally Bakeris the latest addition to Kaplan’s “Student’s guide” series.

Double entry bookkeeping is the cornerstone of accountancy and yet many students struggle to understand and apply it.  The book takes you through the principles of double entry bookkeeping assuming no prior knowledge.  It then moves on to the application of double entry bookkeeping to accounting standards.  Accounting standards tested at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels of professional examinations are all covered.

Every accountancy qualification requires students to prepare financial statements from a trial balance as it tests the core skills of double entry bookkeeping and knowledge of accounting standards.  Every topic in the book is illustrated by using worked examples in this format.

The book is accompanied by over 100 pages of free additional on-line content including mindmaps, technical corners and recap questions.

For those students who are looking to refresh their knowledge having gained exemptions from lower level papers or those returning to exams after a study break, the book will help to bring you technically up to date.  Similar to all the books in the series, the book is full of colour and written in an informal, student-friendly style.

This book will prove to be your indispensible companion through all your accountancy exams and beyond.

Tom Clendon a student's guide to group accountsA student’s guide to Group Accounts

A student’s guide to Group Accounts by Tom Clendon takes students from the basics of preparing consolidated financial statements through to complex scenarios such as changes in group structure, complex groups and foreign subsidiaries.

The first five sections of the book cover the knowledge generally required for the middle tier papers in professional exams and sections 6 to 8 cover final level papers.  The book is also suitable for those studying undergraduate and masters level degree courses.

Each chapter introduces the topic with a What’s new section before taking you through a worked example.  Mind maps and a double entry section  to help reinforce your understanding are also provided.  Additionally each chapter contains practice questions to help you practice what you have just learnt.  Additional questions and answers are provided on-line.  Technical corners contain discussion and analysis of theoretical areas, especially those that students find challenging.

This book will prove useful to any accountancy student who is studying group accounts as part of their exams.  It will be particularly useful for those students who are studying for professional exams after a study gap or who have gained exemptions.

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